Spring 2013 Workshops

In conjunction with our April 2013 original production, Something About a Bear, Theatre Novi Most is offering adult master classes.

Adult Master Acting Classes

With Theatre Novi Most Co-Artistic Director Vladimir Rovinsky


Saturday, April 27, 1-3pm

Biomechanics is the system of actor training developed by legendary Russian director Vsevolod Meyerhold in the 1920’s as the study of the body in motion. The heart of the method is a study of five etudes or, series of physical positions, which string together to tell a story. The method was created by Meyerhold as an alternative to Stanislavsky’s system, which was predicated on the style of realism. However, biomechanics is a wonderful tool for focusing physical energy and thus is useful to an actor preparing for work in any theatrical language. The workshop will introduce participants to the basics of the system including biomechanics warm ups and the learning of the beginning part of one etude.

Physical Stanislavsky

Saturday, May 4, 1-3pm

Physical Stanislavsky will introduce participants to the “method of physical actions.” One of Stanislavsky’s later experiments that never fully traveled to the U.S. but is a central facet of the training in Russia, was his belief that actors must build a role from the physical chain of actions or events. Vladimir Rovinsky will teach a hands-on workshop for actors about this method using characters from Chekhov’s play The Seagull. Familiarity with the play is useful. The workshop is most useful to actors with some experience working in the style of realism, but open to all.

Master classes are geared toward theater professionals, but are open to anyone age 18 and up with some acting experience.

Cost: $20 per class
Location: Barbara Barker Center for Dance, Room 100
500 21st Avenue South
Minneapolis MN 55455
To reserve your space: email anya@theatrenovimost.org
Payment can be cash or check at the door.