We are excited to report that the filming of The Girls at the Painted Bird is done, and it moved to the post-production stage!

 The Girls at the Painted Bird takes place in a Wild West brothel with a popular yet secret “house specialty”: Providing discreet talk therapy for lonely miners.

The film follows a new girl Kitty on her first day at The Painted Bird as she learns how to teach emotional intelligence to men while getting paid what her skills are worth.

Based on our research into real women of the Gold Rush

Directed by Lisa Channer
Written by Savannah Reich
Produced by Laura Fries and Lisa Channer
Composed by Dan Dukich

This film is part III of the Denim Trilogy of feminist Westerns joining Standoff (2022) and Men Among Men (2020)

Be on the lookout for more information on this project because it is going to premiere in April 2024 at a festival near you!