The Human Voice

(La Voix Humaine)

 An original adaptation of Jean Cocteau’s play

co-created by Vladimir Rovinsky and Nadine DuBois

The Human Voice is created by Vladimir Rovinsky in close collaboration with Michelle Massey, known in the Twin Cities by the stage name of Nadine DuBois. In this new adaptation of Cocteau’s play the actress is given freedom to break the fourth wall and comment, in words and song, on the events that the audience has just observed. She attempts talking to the playwright himself, inserting a narrative drawn from her own life experiences.

Michelle Massey, aka Nadine DuBois, is known as a leader and icon in the modern burlesque movement, a brilliant singer, a prolific producer and artistic director. She is the co-creator and star of an original cabaret show Kaleidoscope and Visions of Sugarplums: A Burlesque Nutcracker, as well as a host of cabarets, theatrical productions, burlesque festivals, and large-scale dance nights in the Twin Cities and throughout the US, New Zealand and Australia.

Co-artistic director Vladimir Rovinsky directs The Human Voice (La Voix Humaine). Performed by Michelle Massey (Nadine DuBois) The rest of the creative team includes Cally Ahlin (stage manager), Dan Dukich (sound designer), Daniel Featherstone (lighting designer), Andrea Gross (costume designer)

Songs used in the show: Can’t Let Go by Lucinda Williams, Baby I’m a Fool by Melody Garlot, Cap of Trouble by Mary Steenburgen, Master Hunter by Laura Marling and Impossible Love by Melody Garlot.

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Watch a video clip here: The Human Voice

Photos by Barb McLean

The Human Voice was developed with support of The Faculty research Grant from St. Cloud State University