Rehearsing Failure opened at The Southern January 24,2015.

Living in exile in Los Angeles after fleeing the Nazis, Brecht rehearses The Life of Galileo with his wife Helene Weigel and two of his former lovers, Elisabeth Hauptmann, a writer, and Ruth Berlau, a director. brehtwomenAs they work on this epic history play over the summer of 1947, the themes of Galileo resonate with Brecht’s own life and the unique relationships he had with his collaborators. Rehearsing Failure focuses on Brecht’s ensemble, particularly the women who sacrificed their own recognition to create some of the most important theatre of the twentieth century. With original songs and an unconventional structure, Rehearsing Failure borrows from Brecht’s own playbook – it’s a play that reaches back into history to examine contemporary themes of politics, sex and complicity. By doing so, Rehearsing Failure asks the question: What do you need to survive, as an artist and a person, and what are you willing to sacrifice?

Photo of Pearce Bunting and Billy Mullaney By Bill ProutyOriginally commissioned for New Works 4 Weeks at Red Eye Theater in summer 2013, this newly re-worked show will feature new scenes, new text, and new songs. Directed by Lisa Channer with text by Cory Hinkle and original music and songs by Annie Enneking and Dan Dukich. Featuring performers Barbra Berlovitz, Pearce Bunting, Dan Dukich, Annie Enneking, Billy Mullaney and Sara Richardson. Set design by Sam Johns. Lighting design by Heidi Eckwall. Costume design by Cole Bylander. Video design by Kevin Obsatz. Special thanks to Joanna Harmon for her graphic design services. Developed in part with support from the members of ARTshare at the Southern Theatre, the Institute for Advanced Study at the University of Minnesota, the Isolated Acts Festival at Red Eye Theatre, The Network of Ensemble Theatres, the Playwrights Center, and The Tofte Lake Artists Center.


For more information: Production blog Institute for Advanced Study Facebook page Facebook event Twitter: @TheatreNoviMost and #BrechtFail ARTshare Surrounding Events: Give to the Max Day – all proceeds fund the show!, Thursday, 11/13 Institute for Advanced Study Collaborative events Open Rehearsal, Friday, 11/14 from 5:30-6:30pm in Rarig Center Studio C

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