Biomechanics and Physical Stanislavsky Workshops

In conjuction with our performances of The Master Builder, Theatre Novi Most is offering two separate workshops training in our physical theatre methods. TNM Co-Artistic Director Vladimir Rovinsky will teach master classes in Biomechanics and Physical Stanislavsky. Information about both workshops is below.

Saturday, April 15, 5-6:30pm
The heart of the method is a study of five etudes or series of physical positions, which string together to tell a story. The etudes require intense concentration and awareness as the actor moves through a series of still pictures with synchronization of body parts, negotiating a verity of time signatures and rhythms within the body.

Goals and benefits for students who work in Biomechanics include increased physical awareness, practical understanding of theatricality in the moving body, use of body for storytelling, learning about psychophysical energy through application of rhythm, coordination of body, precision of movement and expansion of physical expressiveness.

Sunday, April 16, 5-6:30pm
Vladimir will introduce participants to the “method of physical actions,” one of Stanislavsky’s later experiments that never fully traveled to the U.S. but is a central facet of the training in Russia. It was his belief that actors must build a role from a physical chain of actions or events.
During workshop, participants will explore use of inner monologue and subtext, physicalizing of communication, and building of character’s line of physical actions.

Each workshop is $10, or $15 for both.
ARTshare members pay $5/workshop.

To sign up or with any questions, please email Jared Zeigler at and indicate which workshop(s) you would like to register for.