A World Premiere by Constance Congdon

Directed by Austin “Battery” Ruh

When a crew of disorderly friends form a kickass punk band to save the world from apathy, depression, and The Man, they face Midwestern backlash. Join these grungy guardians’ live music debut as they clown, tussle, and fuck shit up. “Too Punk To Care” will be presented at Intermedia Arts as a part of the 2015 Minnesota Fringe Festival on:

Fri, 7/31 at 5:30 PM Sun, 8/2 at 1:00 PM Thurs, 8/6 at 8:30 PM Sat, 8/8 at 1:00 PM Sun, 8/9 at 5:30 PM

“It was fun, a little dangerous, sexy, and a little disgusting.” – Luverne Seifert

“Fuck. Yes.!” –Samantha Johns

“These little fuckers are the future.” – Lisa Channer

Executive Producer: Lisa “The Woman” Channer Stage Manager: Audrey “Strike” Rice Assistant Stage Manager: Cally “Brass Knuckles” Ahlin Special Thanks: Theatre Novi Most The Fringe Lisa Channer Open Stage and its affiliates


Kenzi “Kenz” Allen Ryan “Toy Boat” Bockenhauer Kasey “Grit” Heimstead Zach “Grizz” Holmquist Ryan “Crank” Lundberg Austin “Battery” Ruh Daniel “St.ranger” Sakamoto-Wengle Bree “bre” Schmidt Maria “Carrot” Zealot

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